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We didn't freeze our asses off waiting in Pasadena for the Rose Parade. In contrast, we actually spent the entire New Year's eve cleaning the house and the cat. Cleaned like I've never cleaned before! Just wanted to welcome 2005 with a clean house. You read it right-- even our cat also got groomed and all. See, to keep the house clean, she has to stay clean as well.

One thing that we haven't acquired in taste is drinking liquor. I once posed a question to hubby why we never go out to get some 'drinks' like some couples do on Friday nights. Hubby's answer was--'ok, let's try to learn to drink then'. His way of humoring me. So grocery shopping earlier this week, wandered off to the wine/liquor section and found some on sale. Not that I intend to habitualize this, it was going to be our midnight toast. I ended up making pink margaritas for midnight. For the occasional drinker we are, it wasn't so bad and it was easy to make. The recipe goes like this: two parts margarita mix, one part tequila, crushed iced on a salt rimmed glass and a lime chaser--not bad. It was fun.. and I slept like a log.

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