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In the news

Don't expect this to be a worthy entry. Nothing much to write about today except if it's about work so I'd rather blog about something else.

A friend of mine got into talking by email today and she mentioned about how there were trees falling on houses because of the storms we've been having these days. I just remembered an article I read recently about this lady who was concerned about the tree on her neighbor's property and that it keeps her awake on rainy nights worrying that it would fall on her house and hurt her kids. I've always admired neighborhoods that are lined with tall trees but when it comes to something like this, I am grateful for our measly little trees (still in it's growing stage) in ours. It is not a good feeling to be insecure this way in your own home. I think there are a few who do worry about natural events that you can't control.

For the past couple of years, some neighborhoods in the Bay area (since it's hilly)had experienced the grief of watching their homes fall down because the soil is saturated with just too much water. This year, it seems it's shifted to some areas in Southern California. Mother Nature had given us some kind of respite this year (or so I think).

This may be late but I didn't see it coming and I am not really into blogging about these things but it's really sad to see Brad and Jen split up. I guess because they married a year after we did, it is very disheartening to see them end their marriage when a lot of people hoped they'd weather the times. Gosh-- and they even looked like they were into each other when they went on vacation during the holidays-- what was that all about???

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker


Keeping warm

I happened to stop by the pet store the other day when I was doing some personal errand. I don't know why I did this but all I remembered was that I just came out that pet store carrying a doggydud's meant for our cat.

Suede and fleece jacket

I was surprised she's kind of liking it but it was too small for her. This girl had grown a butt! I miscalculated the size somehow. She still didn't like to have her picture taken though.

We went to return it this weekend. I hope they'd get a supply of bigger sizes later. I really do not like returning stuff, so I exchanged the duds with a kitty warmer-sort of.

Getting to know her new bed...here enjoying a nice spot in front of the TV

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



What to do when it's raining outside...

Because of our rainy weather here(174% in SF, 498% in LA rainfall since July last year!), we couldn't do much this weekend. Just rested pretty much and stayed home. Our heater doesn't seem to keep our lower floor warm, so I've resorted to wearing thick socks, double pants and fleece sweater on top of my shirts, a very homey look, I should say.

I spent a number of hours slaving in the kitchen today, the gusto probably triggered by my need to keep warm. I cooked a lot, am tired from it especially since I had to clean up after myself as well. So here's what I made:

  • Seafood Paella (substituted the sausage with riblets made from soy),
  • roasted kabocha (squash) with a mixture of honey, butter and thyme
  • a stab at substituting orange chicken with scallops
  • banana bread pudding, changed a little from Toni's recipe
  • baked yam with onion, parmesan topping

Not really a regular cook. It still feels like a chore to me but this year, I am determined to opt for home-cooked food than ordering out.

It was also a choice of either cooking today or sit and watch the plight of the tsunami's youngest victims on CNN--it is very heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how these kids will cope with the loss and pain they've gone through. Rain, cold and the news are not the best combination these days.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Friday Joys

Although my system had lagged a day behind this week, I thought it was Tuesday on Wednesday kind of thing, I am happy that the work week had come to an end. I am looking forward to the weekend. It's been really hard to wake up in the mornings these days. The SF weather has been crappy the last few weeks. For the last week at least, it hasn't stopped raining and it has been cold. The weekdays were a chore just trying to roll out of our comfy bed. Wait for Saturday morning and I will be bright and cheery at 6am--that always happens to me.

Today, had lunch with a stranger. It's been raining so I took the subway to the next stop (SF center) and had lunch at the mall's food court. Saw this retired Filipina lady looking for a place to sit and so I invited her to sit with me. I have a soft spot for old people especially the ones who live out their retirement here in the US just so they can help their kids and family back home. This lady reminded me of my Mom I guess. It was fun, I got to chat with her my entire lunch break and had forgotten my newspaper next to me. She came far away from the other side of the Bay Area, I think she must be bored--poor lady.

And finally, Macy's has a sale today. Finally after a dismaying after Christmas and New Year sale (just 25-30%!), I am finally in the mood to go and get some shopping done (for me of course this time)as the store is having their 50% off sale today.

Happy weekend everyone!

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Crosswords, puzzles and news

I've gotten hooked (again) doing this on the train on my way home. I get my morning newspaper in the morning and try to read the entire thing on my way to work and I devote my entire ride home doing the puzzles. It does keep me from just sitting there and staring at people (haha). Plus it's a good brain exerciser.

On yesterday's paper, it was reported that the Thai government fired their Head Metereologist for not giving a warning on the tsunami. Apparently, they were in the know an hour before but were hesitant to give out the alert in the fear that the government will not be happy about disrupting the country's tourist industry. Imagine putting your future in the hands of a person who makes the wrong decision, a decision, that could have saved lives. Thinking it's better to save his job than human lives- what an awful thing to do.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



When paranoia gets you

Yesterday, on my usual ride to work by subway, I got on one of the train cars with a lady (?) who was covered from head to toe with some type of clothing. Literally, covered, as in, she had to take a peak out of her bandana-covered face just to see where she's at. She had a big rimmed hat, bandana on face with dark glasses, gloves and heavy rain coat, heavy boots as her ensemble. Come to think of it, I think I assumed she's female. On her, she's carrying two bags, one full duffel and a huge zippered bag.

Isn't that weird?

Everyone, including me, eyed her suspiciously. I think here in America, we tend to get lax about suspicious characters/objects. I myself have noticed that I can easily ignore certain signs and things and in this day and age, we have to be more alert for the sake of our safety.

But with something this obvious, it certainly will get your attention. What's in her bag? Why does she have to dress and act like that? and most of all, What is she up to?

She got off on the next stop, which was a relief and all my horrid thoughts went away. I think we had all signs of some relief in our faces. Anyway, all but one question wouldn't go away -- What was she up to?

I think somehow I figured that maybe (maybe) she has some kind of skin ailment or photosensitivity, the most obvious answer. Afterwhich, I felt bad and sorry for that person. It must be hard to even get around with that and without people having to gawk at you all the time.

I think I need to add, 'do not judge', on my list for this year.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker


Wishes and resolutions

I just had ONE wish and I still didn't get it. I guess someone thought I was just kidding. So disappointingly sad. It's going to be another not so exciting birthday this month.

Anyways, this morning I found a list of resolutions I wrote down last year. I had totally forgotten that I had done that (haha). Skimmed through it, as it was a long one, didn't get to accomplish all of them. Some are still in the process of being resolved and some seem impossible to even do. Well, whatever was left undone will be in this year's list.

On the side note, being superstitious and all, I was at the gym on New Year's day. Feeling guilty for having indulged myself with the holiday food the past couple of weeks, I am just making sure that my psyche gets the message that I will continue to make gym attendance a habit this year.

I hope everyone had a blast welcoming the new year!

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Bagong Balat

I've finally made it work!

Have so much to do still. Like my favorite links won't show on the page. For no reason, the preview had it while I was testing my changes and edits but just as I published it, the whole section's gone.

At least I made it as planned.

Thanks for the vote of confidence from you guys who posted a comment on my entry. The pressure was indeed -- there. hehe, just kidding!

Hope to get those links up by tomorrow. I think I will do my resolutions like these on a daily basis, it's more realistic and I seem to get to look at it like a project that has a deadline.

Works for me!

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker




We didn't freeze our asses off waiting in Pasadena for the Rose Parade. In contrast, we actually spent the entire New Year's eve cleaning the house and the cat. Cleaned like I've never cleaned before! Just wanted to welcome 2005 with a clean house. You read it right-- even our cat also got groomed and all. See, to keep the house clean, she has to stay clean as well.

One thing that we haven't acquired in taste is drinking liquor. I once posed a question to hubby why we never go out to get some 'drinks' like some couples do on Friday nights. Hubby's answer was--'ok, let's try to learn to drink then'. His way of humoring me. So grocery shopping earlier this week, wandered off to the wine/liquor section and found some on sale. Not that I intend to habitualize this, it was going to be our midnight toast. I ended up making pink margaritas for midnight. For the occasional drinker we are, it wasn't so bad and it was easy to make. The recipe goes like this: two parts margarita mix, one part tequila, crushed iced on a salt rimmed glass and a lime chaser--not bad. It was fun.. and I slept like a log.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



In the skin

I've had this skin for six months. I am definitely over it but my attempts at changing it seem futile. My sister had designed a nice simple skin for me, it's just a matter of getting it to work. So far I am having problems with the margins and the fonts.

Oh well...

Wish me luck.

I am hoping to pull a new one on New Year's day.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker


Sign of the Times

First in my lifetime that I've heard of a 9.0 quake and seen the devastation of the ensuing tsunami that swept through many countries just a day after Christmas. And I thought that the big typhoon that hit Quezon was the big news of 2004. I was wrong.

We are living in scary times these days, makes one wonder what these events all mean. It's unfathomable how 80,000+ (and counting) humans can be wiped out just like that in one short moment. It is so sad and tragic, I feel so bad for these people.

A year or so ago, I got hooked reading the Left Behind book series. The current events reminded me of the first book except there are no dead bodies in the aftermath. I just hope that I won't have to live through the Book of Revelations in my lifetime.

I just want this year to be over with and am looking forward to a fresh new year. I am grateful that the Philippines was spared from this. I can't help but think that if Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia aren't geographically located like that, standing like a wall that protected our country from the rush of tide that spread thousands of miles in all directions--yay, that thought alone is enough to dampen one's holiday spirit.

I don't usually do this (exclusive of my daily prayers) but this week I started reciting the chaplet of mercy in the mornings on the train on my way to work.

It's been slow at work this week and so I've checked the agencies that are helping the disaster victims. For those of you who can spare some help, check the list. There's also a blogspot site that give a ton of information for people all around the world.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker