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Friday Joys

Although my system had lagged a day behind this week, I thought it was Tuesday on Wednesday kind of thing, I am happy that the work week had come to an end. I am looking forward to the weekend. It's been really hard to wake up in the mornings these days. The SF weather has been crappy the last few weeks. For the last week at least, it hasn't stopped raining and it has been cold. The weekdays were a chore just trying to roll out of our comfy bed. Wait for Saturday morning and I will be bright and cheery at 6am--that always happens to me.

Today, had lunch with a stranger. It's been raining so I took the subway to the next stop (SF center) and had lunch at the mall's food court. Saw this retired Filipina lady looking for a place to sit and so I invited her to sit with me. I have a soft spot for old people especially the ones who live out their retirement here in the US just so they can help their kids and family back home. This lady reminded me of my Mom I guess. It was fun, I got to chat with her my entire lunch break and had forgotten my newspaper next to me. She came far away from the other side of the Bay Area, I think she must be bored--poor lady.

And finally, Macy's has a sale today. Finally after a dismaying after Christmas and New Year sale (just 25-30%!), I am finally in the mood to go and get some shopping done (for me of course this time)as the store is having their 50% off sale today.

Happy weekend everyone!

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