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In the news

Don't expect this to be a worthy entry. Nothing much to write about today except if it's about work so I'd rather blog about something else.

A friend of mine got into talking by email today and she mentioned about how there were trees falling on houses because of the storms we've been having these days. I just remembered an article I read recently about this lady who was concerned about the tree on her neighbor's property and that it keeps her awake on rainy nights worrying that it would fall on her house and hurt her kids. I've always admired neighborhoods that are lined with tall trees but when it comes to something like this, I am grateful for our measly little trees (still in it's growing stage) in ours. It is not a good feeling to be insecure this way in your own home. I think there are a few who do worry about natural events that you can't control.

For the past couple of years, some neighborhoods in the Bay area (since it's hilly)had experienced the grief of watching their homes fall down because the soil is saturated with just too much water. This year, it seems it's shifted to some areas in Southern California. Mother Nature had given us some kind of respite this year (or so I think).

This may be late but I didn't see it coming and I am not really into blogging about these things but it's really sad to see Brad and Jen split up. I guess because they married a year after we did, it is very disheartening to see them end their marriage when a lot of people hoped they'd weather the times. Gosh-- and they even looked like they were into each other when they went on vacation during the holidays-- what was that all about???

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