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In the skin

I've had this skin for six months. I am definitely over it but my attempts at changing it seem futile. My sister had designed a nice simple skin for me, it's just a matter of getting it to work. So far I am having problems with the margins and the fonts.

Oh well...

Wish me luck.

I am hoping to pull a new one on New Year's day.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker


Sign of the Times

First in my lifetime that I've heard of a 9.0 quake and seen the devastation of the ensuing tsunami that swept through many countries just a day after Christmas. And I thought that the big typhoon that hit Quezon was the big news of 2004. I was wrong.

We are living in scary times these days, makes one wonder what these events all mean. It's unfathomable how 80,000+ (and counting) humans can be wiped out just like that in one short moment. It is so sad and tragic, I feel so bad for these people.

A year or so ago, I got hooked reading the Left Behind book series. The current events reminded me of the first book except there are no dead bodies in the aftermath. I just hope that I won't have to live through the Book of Revelations in my lifetime.

I just want this year to be over with and am looking forward to a fresh new year. I am grateful that the Philippines was spared from this. I can't help but think that if Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia aren't geographically located like that, standing like a wall that protected our country from the rush of tide that spread thousands of miles in all directions--yay, that thought alone is enough to dampen one's holiday spirit.

I don't usually do this (exclusive of my daily prayers) but this week I started reciting the chaplet of mercy in the mornings on the train on my way to work.

It's been slow at work this week and so I've checked the agencies that are helping the disaster victims. For those of you who can spare some help, check the list. There's also a blogspot site that give a ton of information for people all around the world.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



The night before...

There is one thing that makes this holiday for me while I am away, it is gift giving and opening of gifts. It's still an exciting event for me.

We opened our gifts before midnight (haha). We spent Christmas eve preparing food for tomorrow's potluck at my aunt's house in Daly City. We don't really look forward to that but going there is a tradition now. It's just that we are the only cousins who come and it's basically just my aunt, her kids, in-laws and grandchildren. To not come means we have to be out of town again like Thanksgiving *smile*. Anyway, don't get me wrong, they are really nice people but it's just not the same if not spent with your own immediate family.

I was surprised that hubby actually was listening to my hints a few months back. I should have hinted on a new car (haha). This year he gave me a pink mini ipod and the remaining CSI seasons on DVD that I do not own. I gave him a smaller digital Canon camera for his everyday use on his blog since he's been using my camera for every occasion on his calendar. Not that I am being selfish but I think it's handier to have a compact one than my bulky G3. My sister gave me the perfume I've been eyeing for years but never really bought for myself (I don't know why), I didn't know she knew I like this scent.

He's also into old videogames and so he also received a Tetris world game for his Gameboy advance. And guess who ended up getting hooked on that game this weekend? ME! sheesh!

Great gifts! It was the most fun seeing their faces light up with the gifts you've so long tried to hide from them. Thank you!

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Happy Holidays


Looking back I realized how naive I was when I came to the US. I used to think that I should greet everyone Merry Christmas in December. It never occured to me that some do not celebrate this holiday. SO NAIVE!!! It is just here that I learned to say Happy Holidays instead of the customary Merry Christmas back home.

So to those who do celebrate it---


Thank you for those who've left me greetings on my last entry. I've been sooo bad on updating my entries. I will make it up and will include this as one of my 2005 NY's resolutions. I hope you all have an enjoyable, safe and memorable Christmas with your loved ones!

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



An unexpected gift

I've been feeling blue for the last few weeks. Christmas is fast approaching and I just couldn't feel it.

I really miss Christmas back home with family. It is so different. It's another year of just us here. Another year of long distance phone call to home.

Well, for a moment, I forgot that feeling. My boss called me aside and gave me my Christmas gift. Not bad, considering that I wasn't expecting anything from him. He's such a nice guy and he's been really good to me. So in a way, I am lucky and blessed for that.

He gifted us with a $250 spa certificate here plus a free day off anytime I want. Said thank you to me for making his work easier (of course, what are subordinates for?) and to keep up the good work! Not bad.

OK--I think this sulky feeling can still be salvaged...

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Getting the shopping done

I'm done!

or so I hope...

I've made my list and it seems all have been accounted for.

Now why am I feeling like I've left the iron plugged in?

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker




I had my monthly ortho adjustment today. It's a short and quick appointment as they only change the bands. I missed last month's as I avoided them like the plague having not done my extractions yet that month.

So today, trying to be in line with the holidays, I requested for red bands on my teeth. I was undecided between red and green but the lady putting it on wasn't very helpful and so I quickly decided on the red instead of the green. Later on, I think it was good that I chose red because green would've looked like I have spinach stuck all over my teeth!

Next month it will be BLUE....

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Delinquent woman


That is how the days seem to have gone by all of a sudden.

16 days before Christmas!!!

Waaahhhh---I am soooo not ready for that yet.

16 wonderful days of rush christmas shopping

16 wild days of merry old parking rages at the shopping mall

a few more days to get the christmas cards out before it's too late, not to mention long queue at the post office.

Sorry to say, we are not putting up a tree again this year (2nd year in a row) but we managed to put some lights outside on the pathway. I'll see how this weekend will turn out. I seem to like the idea of our christmas stuff packed and organized away in the storage closet at this moment -- let's just leave it untouched.

bah humbug? haha...not at all.

I think Christmas is in the heart and with God. I don't have to show it nor shop till you drop for it either. I like it plain, simple and quiet--an otherwise exception if I were back home. I miss the holidays in the Philippines, it's just so different.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker



Well the day had come when I could postpone it no longer. I've ignored it for at least a month then realized that I am just prolonging my ortho treatment.

So I scheduled the dreaded dentist visit.

I haven't had an extraction for ages, the last time was done back home. And this time it involves my still existing wisdom teeth. I've heard a number of horror stories. What's so different about this from a regular extraction, I wondered? I've mainly received painful stories about it. Off I went to the dentist feeling sick to the stomach as to what I should expect and experience that day---I was to get three teeth pulled.

They say, as you get older, the more frightened and anxious you become of new experiences. I think this is proving to be true for me.

Terrified as I was, I even took advantage of the attention that the assistants were giving me--even asking for a walkman to dull away the sound of grinding/pulling of teeth.

What a total wuss!

It was nothing to what I envisioned it to be at all. Although back home they'd just stuff a cotton ball and let you bite hard on it to stop the bleeding, here, they actually stitch it to stop it right away.

I came home tired from the anticipation more than from the result of the extraction itself.

Have not felt and acted like a five year old for a long time. You should try it, it takes away the gravity of everyday adult life.

Copyright 2004 Wandertrekker